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Norwich Terriers

  Norwich Terriers are “spirited and stocky with a slightly foxy expression” as outlined in the AKC Breed Standard, they are one of the smallest in size of the Terrier group. What they lack in size they more than make up for in personality and affection.

Norwich Terriers litters have one of the lowest litter registration counts of all AKC breeds, due in part to difficulty in breeding and small litter sizes (2-3 usually). This also lends itself to also making them one of the more expensive breeds of all registered purebred dogs.

They are a breed with relatively few health problems. Well bred, a healthy Norwich Terrier can expect to lead a long life of 10 to 15 years.Like the West Highland White Terrier they are a hard coated breed that shed very little and also require grooming on a regular basis. Norwich are a very loyal breed and enjoy being around people. They love to play (and dig) in the yard, go for walks and make great travel companions.

The American Kennel Club offers an array of wonderful information: tips on finding the right dog for you and your family, dog events in your area, books and training videos, and even locating responsible breeders in your area.  

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