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  As time goes on we have to place our retired beloved ones, as they deserve to live out their lives resting on the couch in front of the TV. Champion Wayward Wind with her new family Tim and Dianne Lynch.

Here is Champion Shamalamadingdong with his new family Takako and her husband Eduardo Kakihara. They are from Japan but now live in Snohomish Washington.  

  The Mauwes family was very happy to wait for quite some time for their new Norwich Terrier puppy Nora. It is very nice to be able to place puppies in our hometown from time to time.

Luca and Sharon are from Italy (now residing in Portland, Oregon) shown here with their two White Diamond Terrier puppies. They say two are easier than one… In fact, 70% of our clients own two of our puppies.  

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