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West Highland White Terriers

  West Highland White Terriers are wonderful dogs.  They are described in the AKC breed standard as a breed with a "large amount of scotch spunk, determination and devotion crammed into a small body, they are also very strong willed."  Before May of 1909, Westies were known as the Roseneath Terrier.  Their ancestry goes back originally to where Westies, Scotties, Cairns and Dandie Dinmonts came from the same stock.  Outdoors, they are truly sporty little dogs, good hunters, speedy and cunning, with great intelligence.  In the house they are all that can be desired as a pet: faithful, understanding and devoted, yet playful and lighthearted.

Training and socialization needs to begin at a very early age and is of utmost importance to a young dogs' developement.  Whether destined for the couch or the show ring, a properly trained Westie will be a wonderful friend for life.
The American Kennel Club offers an array of wonderful information: tips on finding the right dog for you and your family, dog events in your area, books and training videos, and even locating responsible breeders in your area.

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